Bird Rescue

Every year, during Makar Sankranti in Jaipur, Thousands of birds become victims of numerous glass kite-strings in the sky. Or, there are other times when birds get injured due to electrical poles. Whatever may be the situation, anyone who sees an injured bird can reach out to our Rescue Team through a dedicated helpline number.

As soon as the Bird Rescue Team receives a call, it reaches the site to Rescue and provides primary treatment to the injured bird. If the rescued bird needs further treatment, it is then shifted to our medically equipped Shelter Home, where its injuries are nursed by veterinary Doctors.


Animal Rescue

In the last few years, Jaipur has exponentially grown in terms of Area and Infrastructure. With the limited resources and organisations across, there was a need for Rescue and Treatment. Being a small organisation it was not possible for us to come up with Treatment facility so we joined hands with organisations and supported them with Rescue Ambulance. We're on an average rescuing 80 Street Animals a month.

We just don't rescue we make sure after the animal is fine, we release them back on the same spot it was rescued from.