Free Computer Course

In today's world, IT plays a important role in the success of any country.

Objective of our NGO is multifaceded, we are working in betterment in every aspect of society, one of which is providing Digital Assistance. That's why our NGO is providing free Commputer Course under which various important topics are covered like MS Word, MS Excel, Powerpoint etc.


Basic Knowledge

Our aim is to benefit the society by various ways by empowering them with valuable Digital Skills, boosting their Self Confidence, by this we are trying to create Domino effect where every added skill help in individuals Positive Growth, increasing Digital Literacy, more Employbility and giving the opportunity to take their career further ahead and make this society a better place to live in.

The vision of our NGO to provide free Computer Course is to create more inclusive and prosperous society by empowering individuals with essential skills to cop up with the Digitally changing world. The primmary focus is on adding the Underprivileged Communities and Rural Underdeveloped areas in digitalising their skills to thrive in the digital age.